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Anne grew up Toronto Canada and studied to be a veterinarian. One chance weekend visit with her parents at a square dance camp changed her life. They pulled her into a square that was short one, and by the end of her weekend “blast” she was dancing almost at the Plus level!

Anne was a natural and was soon calling even above her own dance level. She was the first female caller to crash through the upper level glass ceiling (and now calls up to C3b).

Fast forward to 2019, Anne’s been calling for 42 years in the US, Canada, and abroad. She earned the 1995 IAGSDC Golden Boot Award and is a frequent instructor at the GCA caller school and a frequent staff caller at IAGSDC conventions (she recently earned her 30 year IAGSDC Medallion).

Anne and her wife Mary currently reside in Auburn, Washington.


Anne Uebelacker