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Modern Western Square Dancing is not what you might remember from gym class from the 50s and 60s. It's also not having to dress-up in traditional attire (although you can if you want... but it can be hot in Texas and we want you to feel comfortable and cool).  At the end of the classes, you will be able to dance at the level you achieved in any club in the world! Most callers use a licensed music library that ranges from traditional, to Country, to Modern Pop. It's very hip to be in our square! It's fun exercise for the body and mind, plus there's time to socialize and make new friends.

Our Caller, Glenn Rogerson, has developed an excellent class plan to get you dancing in a fun and timely manner. At the Lambdas, you don't ever need a partner since solo dancers can pair-up on the floor. We also allow everyone to dance either side of the pair (we recommend first learning one side). We were founded to be an LGBTQ* club back when we couldn't dance freely at other clubs, but today we have many others who like to dance with us.


Get on our mail list for updates on when classes will start. All Lambdas classes will be held near I-35 and Hwy183. They will likely be on Mondays at 6:30pm. Although they require a committed block of weeks, there may be some flexibility for vacations and other absences if you don't mind more self-study. Depending on your learning style, you might have study homework on some dance moves. 

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