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Alamo City Wranglers

Our partner club that has supported us from Day One is the Alamo City Wranglers of San Antonio. The Wranglers celebrated their 25th anniversary in 2015!

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Pegasus Squares

Our newest partner club is the Pegasus Squares. Formed in 2014, they have grown rapidly, reviving GLBTQ* square dance in the Dallas/Ft Worth area.

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Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus

Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus is located in Denver Colorado and host of the IAGSDC Square Dance Convention TakeAPeak 2020.

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Taminations is a program of animations for calls from Mainstream through C-3B. Most of the animations show variations from different starting positions. Taminations is also available as an app for some mobile platforms.

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The International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs is a nondiscriminating organization through which dance clubs can share resources. The web site includes links to over 50 member clubs around the globe.

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The Austin Square and Round Dance Association is a federation of square dance clubs in the Austin area.

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The United Square Dancers of America provides a wealth of information about starting and operating a club and hosting activities. Check out the link to Publications and Educational Material.

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A.R.T.S. is the Alliance of Round, Traditional, and Square-Dance, a coalition of diverse groups that make up the greater American folk dance community.

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The Bradley Bell

The Bradley Bell organization provides a membership directory for square dancers that helps friends keep in touch.

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CALLERLAB is the International Association of Square Dance Callers. Among other activities, it provides the programs by which our lessons are organized.

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Ceder Net

CederNet is an online resource that includes a directory of callers and round dance cuers, choreography, events, and other helpful information.

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